Sex Positions To Conceive Baby Boy


Choosing the sex of your baby has become a widely pursued point of interest with “sex positions to conceive baby boy” being at the top of the ‘mom’ forum searches. The easiest and most inexpensive way to attempt the conception of a particular gender is through different sexual positions. The main questions are “Why?” and “How would it work?”

Recent scientific studies have discovered that the gender of a baby is determined by which chromosome gets to the egg first; chromosome (Y) for a boy and (X) for a girl. Each sperm has a different characteristic; for example, the (Y) chromosome is the fastest so it would make sense to engage in sexual positions where the sperm has a shorter distance to travel.


Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Boy – the Shortest Route

Therefore, it is important to consider the closest route to the ovaries when attempting to conceive a baby boyA few position examples are:

– Modified Doggy-Style. This position is referred to as modified because the woman doesn’t remain on her hands and knees; although, this is an okay way to start out. As the sex progresses, the woman will have to adjust her legs into a “leapfrog” position with her legs tucked inwards toward her tummy. This will allow for deeper penetration and a closer deposit of (Y) chromosome-rich sperm next to the cervix.

– Pillow Romp. Although oddly named, this is one of the sex positions to conceive baby boy that takes female pleasure into consideration. It’s an alternative to the traditional Missionary position; you simply add a large pillow under the butt of the woman. This method will incline her hips and create a direct link straight to her cervix.

– The Anvil Position. This position requires flexibility and core strength. While in the missionary position, the woman bends her knees to press her feet flat to the man’s chest. Or, if this is uncomfortable, she can rest her heels on his shoulders instead. Again, a pillow or a folded blanket can be utilized to increase pelvic incline. The woman can also raise your pelvis at the exact moment of the male’s ejaculation for a deeper sperm deposit.

Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Boy – the Safest Route

When considering the best positions to conceive a baby boy, remember that the (Y) chromosome will be the first to be eliminated in ‘hostile’ vaginal territory. This means the majority of the male chromosomes can be wiped out due to high PH levels or too much acidity. Fortunately, there are PH level tests available at every local drugstore to test if a woman’s vaginal environment is healthy enough to maintain a (Y) chromosome until the egg is fertilized. If the vaginal environment is found to be too acidic for (Y) chromosome maintenance, there are different foods and beverages a woman can consume to reset her body’s PH levels.

Other helpful tips and sex positions to conceive baby boyare:

– Standing Up. This sexual position is effective because it’s using the main characteristics of the ‘boy’ chromosomes. When a man orgasms in this position, gravity will only have a direct effect on the slowest swimmers. Since the (Y) chromosome can swim the fastest, the (X) chromosome will be more likely to be the ones dispelled immediately from the woman’s body. This gives the little boy swimmers a good starting chance to reach the egg first.

– Delight. As far as sex positions to conceive baby boy go, this position has had the most success. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain for beginners and may take several tries to get perfect alignment and motion. This is an especially great position if your bed sits on the floor! The woman sits on the very edge of the bed, couch, or whatever is low enough while the man enters her while on his knees. The couple move and thrust in tandem to create a perfect rhythm. When the man orgasms the angle allows for a direct route to the cervix, and ultimately, the egg.

– Orgasmic! Some of the best sex positions to conceive baby boy are those where a woman can orgasm at least twice in rapid succession. Any position that allows a woman to experience multiple orgasms from deep penetration is a good one. When a woman orgasms, the walls of her uterus will contract, leaving the cervix slightly open. The harder and stronger the orgasm, the more likely it is that sperm will be rushed to the egg via the uterine contractions.

– Lotus Position. Not only is this ideal in the sex positions to conceive baby boy category, it’s also an intimate way to get to know your partner’s body. This position is similar in logic to the standing up method. You’re allowing gravity to work against the slower swimmers in favor of the faster (Y) chromosome sperm. To initiate this position, a woman will begin on top. As sex progresses, the man will sit up and both partners will be facing each other. The movements are also very slow, deliberate, and close; this means a stronger orgasm and a larger sperm deposit.

Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Boy – the Most Productive Route

While the next batch of helpful advice isn’t based on sex positions to conceive baby boy, these tips will aid in sperm count and will further the chances of achieving the desired gender.

– Wear boxers! This is a generic tip for conception but the temperature of a scrotum can determine the gender of a baby. For a baby boy, strive for cooler (but comfortable) temperatures.

– If you’re the type to follow lunar and daily cycles, having sex at night is rumored to aid in the conception of a male child. Also, Ancient Chinese Birth Charts can be found all over the internet; supposedly, they track lunar and celestial movement with a woman’s ovulation for gender accuracy. If you were to couple this with sex positions to conceive baby boy, it could only increase your chances.

– A woman is on a bodily schedule for a reason! It’s been proven that women who have sex within 1 or 2 days of their ovulation are more likely to have male children. Although, it may take a few months of trying before you can accurately pinpoint the exact dates of ovulation. Fortunately, you can experiment and just have fun with the possibilities until you know your ovulation schedule.

– A last resort, aside from sex positions to conceive baby boy, may be a sex therapist or family doctor. These people have been trained to give you the precise answers you seek when it comes to conception. If you’re afraid to go through the all-natural stages alone, you could consult one of these before trying to conceive. Remember to keep the mantra of “it can only help my chances!”
If you want to get all the information you can, covering sex positions to conceive baby boy, calculating your ovulation date, more details on how the process of conception works, what foods you really should be eating and so many more important tips, then there is an e-book to help you. Written by Alicia Pennington, who researched and used a combination of methods, she found that 94% of couples who followed it got the baby gender they really wanted. It is called “Prince or Princess?”


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